King Cleveland trumpet

Previous Next King Cleveland trumpet Really nice instrument in silver plate. Like all King instruments it is beautifully made and is very pleasant to play having a good centred sound. The trumpet is supplied with mouthpiece and in a quality lightweight case. Professional quality instrument   £275 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Marque Series 200

Previous Next Marque Series 200 Interesting trumpetI do not know anything about the origin of manufacture but the instrument seems to be well made.It features a C shaped tuning slide end which gives very free blowing characteristics.The finish is mainly nickel with lacquered slide ends. The nickel gives it a very bright sound suitable for …

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Sax Trumpet

Previous Next Sax Trumpet Something made up to emulate a Normaphone. Works well and is in good tune ,. Made out of a new old stock item. Just been sold to a fellow nutcase but gives an idea what imagination can create Sold but it might return To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Odyssey Trumpet

Previous Next Odyssey Trumpet A cheap and cheerful instrument in nice condition and in a nice case. Blows pretty well and is ideally suitable for a student £120 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

HN White King Liberty Trumpet

Previous Next HN White King Liberty Trumpet This instrument is in raw brass albeit in good undented condition and with its original case and and original King S1 mouthpiece . It is a very good blowing instrument and in their day the Liberties where the top professional trumpets . Somebody called Harry James started playing …

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