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Rudymuck 7 M trumpet triggered model

Rudymuck 7M Trumpet

This Is a product of the EMO organisation as can be seen from the design of the water keys , finger buttons , shouldered stays and finger hook all of which are Emo patents. Ernst Modle was a well established instrument manufacturer who was relocated to the German border in the last war. The similarity to the Selmer balanced action trumpet is obvious and reflects on Modle being employed by Selmer. Humphrey Littleton endorsed these instruments and Louis Armstrong  played the EMO version on his Australian tour. 

Very powerful trumpet with good high register capabilities

This trumpet has the third valve trigger as opposed to the push pull as seen on a lot of the 7M’s

Serial no. 3511

I think that this is a very early model and is the only one I have seen with an original case able to accept the balanced action format

Price £385

A good blowing instrument greatly reduced in price to try and influence the younger set who have probably never heard of it