Previous Next Although badged as a ‘Jubilee’ this cornet is undoubtedly made by EMO [ Ernst Modle instrument manufacturing Co]  and  has many  of the parts exactly similar to the 7M trumpet as played by Louis and Humph. These parts which which are patented by EMO are the knuckles on the stays , the type …


Conn Victor Cornet

Previous Next Conn Victor cornet in very nice undented condition plays extremely well albeit with having such a large bore [ .488 ” I believe ] it can be quite tiring. Buy this and you will become immediately transformed into a modern day BIX . With a bit of practice that is £275 To Purchase …

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Vintage Holton Type 25 Cornet

Previous Next Superb Vintage Holton cornet in very nice cosmetic condition.The “S” style lead pipe is very similar to that of the Olds Studio which detest back to the 30s/40s I think. All in all this is probably one of the best bowing cornets in my collection. £265 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Selmer Invictor Cornet

Previous Next Very pretty Selmer long model cornet which is a foreign import. Very much a student horn but ideal for the younger novice where a trumpet may be too large to handle. In very good condition and I think it would be highly desirable to a younger player £195 To Purchase or Enquire Click …

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HNWhite King Master Cornet

Previous Next Yet another King master cornet from the HNWhite stable.This one is in raw brass and plays well but not as good as the newer one listed.Its date of origin is 1938 and still a super cornet £260 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

HNWhite King Master Cornet

Previous Next This a beautiful example of a most sought after instrument. It looks to have had a very expensive lacquer job and plays as good as it looks.At the moment I would say it is one of the best blowing instrument in my collection I think of Wild Bill Davison every time I play …

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CONN New Wonder Cornet

Previous Next A fabulous version of what is normally classed in the ‘Victor ‘ range of cornets as made famous by ‘ Bix’ and many other top players. Made in 1930 [ I think] and in a condition that would almost suggest it hasn’t been played .The valves show no sign of wear as can …

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Conn Victor

Previous Next This is a superb version of what must be a highly collectable cornet in prime condition. It is circa 1944 is in its original shaped case containing cleaning rod and lyre Because it is so original and in such good condition I am asking a fairly hefty price but, for any one who …

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Conn Victor Cornet

Previous Next Conn Victor Cornet This design of cornet was produced by Conn for many years £325 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here