King Cleveland Superior Cornet

Previous Next Another fine version of this King cornet . It is a good Dixie horn and if brass banders were not so sniffy , with the right player .this would fit in with their discipline.Nice condition ,nice case, blows well, will be fully serviced before sale Price  £175 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Sonata Short Model Cornet

Previous Next A good student brass band type cornet in as new condition. Due to a recent house rewire the case is dusty but will clean up . The dust is free. Price  £150   To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Bach 1001 Cornet

Previous Next Modern Selmer Bach , long model , cornet in virtually as new condition.Great instrument for a youngster who might struggle with the size of a normal trumpet or a super Dixeyland cornet for us old gits. Nice condition ,nice case ,Blows well Price £ 195 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Reynolds Medalist Cornet

Previous Next A Nice Reynolds Medalist made in the Reynolds factory which was set up by Mr Reynolds who worked many years at “OLDS”. This is the middle range instrument but as with many similar American builds it is well into the professional level. I haven’t had time to thoroughly Kleen this one up yet …

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Blessing B120 Cornet

Previous Next Blessing Scholastic shepherds crook cornet. Good cheap starter instrument Price £90 To Purchase or Enquire Click Here

Indian Cornet

Previous Next This is a very curious instrument made by Indiana Band Inst Co. Elkhart. It is very small bore particularly narrow at the start of the lead pipe and has a flattened non insert bell rim making it almost rimless. It has a very  distinctive sound , very bright especially in the high register. …

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Elkhart Indiana Cornet

Previous Next Elkhart Indiana Cornet This is a beautifully instrument made by the Band inst Co Indiana. I would  think it hales from around the 1940’s and with its underslung tuning slide arrangement it bears great similarity to the King Master. It also blows in a similar manner but with bottom sprung valves the valve …

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Conn Victor Cornet

Previous Next Conn Victor cornet in very nice undented condition plays extremely well albeit with having such a large bore [ .488 ” I believe ] it can be quite tiring. Buy this and you will become immediately transformed into a modern day BIX . With a bit of practice that is £275 To Purchase …

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