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Holton T101 trumpet

Holton T1o1 Trumpet

The T101 trumpet was apparently the result of Holton taking a Mount Vernon Bach Strad and copying it in every detail .

This instrument now belongs to me and in using it I find it to be a very desirable instrument . As such I would very much like to keep it. The sensibility being , however, I no longer have need for it and whatever few jobs I still do are well covered by the numerous trumpets I still have left. One professional colleague of mine says it blows  more open and better than his Bach Strad 37 whilst another pro player {Bach Strad total maniac } says it is nothing like a Bach. Make your own mind up but whatever anyone thinks it is a superb trumpet and well worth the money

0.485 bore  good compressions   great case


£ 475

good value