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Getzen Eterna Valve Trombone

Setzen Eterna Valve Trombone 

I used this instrument myself for a number of years and was more than happy with it until I fell in love with my Conn Victor 5G.The Getzen is much lighter than the Conn but still has a rich robust sound . I used it for jazz,  concert and brass bands. It doesn’t have Eterna written on it but was confirmed  to be an Eterna by Allied when I bought new valves for it. These were only necessary because the old valves had started to pit a little .The new valves were tight in the bores and had to be well lapped in. They are now superb. I removed the Armado  water keys and replaced with conventional ones.Now you can actually get the water out of the thing. I also made the bottom bow into a slide so that the bottom pipe back to the valve block could be cleaned properly. The instrument is scruffy but a pro horn that plays very well in deed