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Conn Connstellation 28a Trumpet

Conn Connstellation Trumpet

This iconic Conn Connstellation is obviously a trumpet in size shape and build but Conn list it as a cornet and I believe it preceded the production of the almost similar Connstellation 38B trumpet, When I got this instrument it did not have a mouthpiece receiver and  the tuning slide , top tube ,was too long. In my ignorance I machined up a trumpet mouthpiece receiver, fitted it , made the tuning slide work so it plays like a trumpet but a lot better than any of the other 38 b’s that I have owned. For this reason I am not too interested in selling the 28a [unless something really exciting comes ] and I bought a Connstellation 38B so as to do a direct comparison over a period time.The only physical difference between “a & b” is  the tapered part of the cornet lead pipe is longer than that of the trumpet Making the outer tubing of the top tuning slide shorter hence the inner of the spurious trumpet tuning slide being too long. The 28a is older ,better made with different valves {as shown} which are beautifully manufactured. The 38B plays superbly but I do not like it as much as the 28a and is therefore definitely up for sale .Please look for it in the trumpet listings

Not currently up for sale unless something expensive takes my fancy.please see the advert for the Conn 38B which is definitely for sale.