Nightingale Trumpet

BGR 01-L

BGR 01-L This instrument is in silver and gold finish. I currently use it myself mainly for jazz playing and also use for demo purposes. It has been blown by numerous professional players at some of the major jazz festivals. In all cases reports were favourable, but unfortunately most players were not in the market …

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BGR 02-S

BGR 02-S This, like the 01 model incorporates tuning in the bell slide allowing for compensation on every note. The rear-ward facing tuning slide allows the use of any combination of conventional trumpet bells. This in itself makes it suitable for Big Band lead trumpet and it is perfectly balanced around the finger hook point …

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Nightingale Trumpet BGR 01-H

BGR 01-H Silver and gold plated trumpet, now owned by Martin Jones, one of Yorkshire’s finest Jazz trumpet players.  In lacquer. Polishing and lacquer work by E..T. Flower of Borehamwood. Note the tuning slide stops to set the primary tuning and slide saddle to give compensation on any note. To Purchase or Enquire Click Here