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York Soft Touch Trumpet

York Soft Touch Trumpet

This must be the most beautiful and the most beautifully made trumpet in my collection. It is extremely heavy and  each component part including mouthpiece receiver , valve casing, valve caps, finger buttons, slide ferrules and slide pulls are faceted the latter having mother of pearl inserts.The compensating push/pull on the first valve slide is activated by the players right thumb whilst the third valve compensation is a beautifully made loop on the underside of the bottom 3’rd slide pipe.

The Soft Touch name is derived from the valve springs working in tension rather than in compression as is the norm with modern instruments.   {Pics to be included later}

This has got to be a super collectors item and I am tempted to keep it myself. It certainly plays as good as ,if not better, than any of the top trumpets in my collection

I have been playing this instrument and it is so unusual and good I am putting the price at a more realistic figure to attract only the discerning.