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Beucher 4 Valve Double E Flat Tuba Y

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Another superb American tuba believed to originate around 1918. When first purchased it was in raw brass, very dirty and a little bit green in parts. I did some dent work on the bottom bow and various slide ends, polished these along with highlights on the bell. These were masked out and the instrument grit blasted and ultimately silver plated.

The valves appear to have been built up with something hard like hard chrome (done in America) and ground down to a fine tolerance finish goving good compressions and very easy blowing(better I believe than a comparable Besson).

Great Jazz instrument and I have also played this in various brass bands.

This tuba is currently not for sale because I am playing it in a Concert Band.

I would like to buy a BBb tuba such as the King 2341 which has the four front facing piston valves like tis one.
Any other 4/4 BBb tuba of this build would be considered.


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