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H N White King

Product ID: 147

This is one of the famous King rotary valve concert tubas in very good condition but undergoing some minor servicing in the valve paddle area. The valves { string operated } are very very fast and when serviced will be quiet.All slides pull and compressions are good.
The sound of the instrument is unbelievable as can only be produced by the older giant American tubas.
In its normal state the tuba has a metal recording bell but an upright fibreglass bell is under construction.
Without doubt this is a collectors tuba and very good value for the money
The rotary valves have been serviced and are now quiet as well as being very fast and have a very short action making the playing of fast passages of music very easy compared to conventional tubas.
A fiberglass upright bell is now in existence with its brass flange ring fitting the tuba . The instrument can now be played with this bell ,is in tune and playing well ,but the external finish of fibreglass has still to be completed (still showing the fibreglass strands }


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