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The Nightingale Trumpet

About the models of the Nightingale Trumpet

These have been evolved over a period of 3-4 years and owe a lot of their design to the Olds Recording cornet. That is to say most of the tuning pipework has been removed from the front of the instrument ie in front of the valves and replaced in the bell pipe with either a forward or rearward facing slide (dependant on model).

In either case the tuning and compensation is incorporated in the bell slide, therefore allowing compensation on all notes, not just on valved notes.

The large bore, short lead pipe, machined from the solid, gives lots of power and ensures the instrument "slots" accurately.

I have two models where the tuning slide is forward, which allows the instrument to be shorter than the conventional trumpet, but looks more like a trumpet cornet. This necessitates having a special bell made and this is undertaken by Andy "Bellman" Taylor. The lighter version, BGR 01-L NIGHTINGALE, has a moderately thin yellow brass medium size bell, giving a beautiful round warm sound. Even with the lighter bell this is still a heavy weight trumpet, and like most heavy weight types it at first gives the illusion of lack of projection. This is a myth because with acclimatisation to this instrument projection can be validated by people complaining "too loud" at the back of the hall.

It should be stressed that these two models are not intended to be lead trumpets in a big band, but are more suited for the solo work where the shorter bell accent and large throat can give lots of power without shrillness.

The second of these forward facing bell slide models, BGR 01-H NIGHTINGALE, has a much heavier weight, yellow brass and larger bell, with full bell flare and large throat. Adding to the weight are heavy valve bottoms and construction plates instead of stays. Again this makes the instrument slot even better than its lighter weight counterpart and gives a superb range of sound quality. With normal to shallow mouthpieces the trumpet can range from dark to bright, very soft to very loud. With deeper mouthpieces approaching flugel size the darkness of the instrument can be utilized making it sound somewhat like a flumpet.

The Nightingale model, BGR 02-S NIGHTINGALE, utilising the rearward facing tuning slide utilizes a conventional shaped trumpet bell giving flexibility in the choice of normal bells.

This instrument is suitable for lead trumpet use and still benefits from the accurate slotting and the abulity to compensate on any note. A further advantage usually commented on by some of the better musicians who have tried it is that the balance is perfect. Only the bell and the third valve slide project forward of the valve block and with all other pipework to the rear the trumpet balances on the finger hook. The absence of a lead pipe to the bell stay gives a much more open blow since this stay typically has a deadening effect on conventional trumpets.

All of these trumpets can be built to order and customised if required. Prices from 1,200 to 2,000.